True blood rant

Okay so it's been a while since I've ranted about True Blood so here it goes. Seriously alan ball has messed up the show like bad I don't know how other people feel but seriously wtf is up with his hardon for bill and sookie. It's getting on my nerves just because they are married in real life doesn't mean that they need to be together in the show it's called acting for a reason, I haven't seen the rest of season four yet but I do know that sookie doesn't choose either bill nor eric and to me that's complete bs because sookie so belongs with eric he cares way more about her then bill. Maybe it's because I like Eric more but I have just gotten fed up with the things alan ball has been doing with the show sookie isn't supposed to be will alcide or bill she's supposed to be with eric simple as that people may agree or disagree with me but I for one am liking the books alot better as of right now because so many things in the show are just not right.
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